A little about me...

It’s my absolute delight to be entrusted with helping you and your loved one create a beautiful ceremony for what will be one of the most important life milestones you've celebrated so far.  I feel very lucky and touched that so many couples have put this responsibility in my hands, and I work hard to ensure that the ceremony I design for you is a reflection of who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. 

As a sustainability professional for over 20 years, meaning I care about people and the world we live in. Born and bred in the UK and lived in Melbourne for the last 13 years. I am an experienced public speaker, trainer, writer and director of the performing arts and combine creativity and originality with a high degree of professionalism. Working together with you, I have the skills and experience to ensure that your wedding day is the one you dreamed of and one you will never forget.

I really enjoy being part of people’s lives at a very special time. Guiding them to make the day very special and being part of it is exciting. I’ve met some lovely people along the way.  My main objective is to discover what is most important to you, then turn that into an expressive, memorable ceremony - one that reflects your union and your lifestyle. I’d love to get to know you, hear how you met and what your hopes are for the future.

Choosing to have your ceremony conducted by an Authorised Marriage Celebrant, means you have many choices. You choose the service (e.g. religious, non-religious, spiritual, multicultural or commitment ceremony etc.) Whilst I'm not religious, I do have a spiritual side that centres me.  People tell me I have a calming, gentle manner, which is especially helpful when when working with clients. I am based in East Melbourne, close to the Melbourne CBD, but am certified to conduct civil wedding ceremonies in any part of Australia.