My Personal guarantee to you...

Your wedding day is one of the most personal and cherished days of your life. Your ceremony itself should be just as personal, and I  would be delighted to assist you in co-creating the perfect day that captures the love you share for each other. Every aspect of the ceremony, from readings to music to symbolism, should be a reflection of you and the bond that you share. Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as the both of you. It should reflect your thoughts, personalities, ideas, beliefs, love and commitment to each other. Just like no two unions are alike, nor should any two ceremonies be alike.

My training and experience have given me a knowledge of the importance of ritual and ceremony in our lives. I love researching and referencing ancestral backgrounds and learning about the customs and traditions from different cultures and periods. While your wedding ceremony is about celebrating and experiencing the present, paying homage to your legacy and the journeys that have led your paths to converge is often a beautiful way to reflect on your personal histories and acknowledge the past and its influence on the future. 

My offer to you is simple. Unlike many other celebrants I guarantee to only ever conduct one ceremony a day so your union will be my sole focus. I want the couples with whom I work to feel a genuine sense of trust, connection and warmth as I play a part in heralding the next phase of your life journey together as a couple. Our professional relationship needs to be a special one. 

If you think we are a good match, then I hope to hear from you.

Contact me today for an obligation-free discussion. 

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